Local jerk Indeed

I didn’t want to press her, but something called me to push the envelope just a bit further.

“You’re not a nun, are you…?”

As if it were a knee jerk reaction, her shoulders dropped, along with her head. She sighed deeply, and I could tell this was to hold back an outburst.
Then, a miracle happened.

“If you have any respect whatsoever for the Lord and for all women that are his creation, you will leave me in silence and solitude.”

She speaks! Though, not what I would consider as a real hit-off…
I nodded with a frown of sheer dissapointment on my face, biting my lip in the process.
Alright, today’s just not my lucky day… I thought as I began to get up. But it seemed that some strange force kept me in that half-standing position, and it eventually pulled my bottom back to the chair like a magnet. She glared at me again with ten times the intensity. What possessed me then, I do not know, but whatever it was had plans of its own.
“Are you sure you’re not a nun?”

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