Meeting 'Mystery Man'

“Hi.” she piped back, apparently enthused by his recognition.
He chuckled and kneeled down to look her in the eyes. He was taller than the average man, being a little taller than six feet.
I stood cautiously behind Laia, studying the man further.

“So, what’s your name, sunshine?” he said, smiling.
She giggled and looked down at the floor, embarassed by the gaze of his hazel eyes.

“Laia.” she said timidly.
He lifted her chin up to his gaze.
“Well, isn’t that just the sweetest name I’ve ever heard?”
He smiled, then his gaze turned to me.

“Who’s your friend?” He said, pointing at me.
Laia turned around with the greatest smile on her face, and her cheeks a bright cherry red.

“That’s Tom. He’s my best friend.” She said contently.
The man nodded and held out a hand, giving me a fake-serious look. I stretched out my arm reluctantly to shake his hand.
“Nice to meet you, Tom. My name’s Rob.”

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