The only difficulty is there are some people that are indecipherable. At least, for a while.
I was sitting on a tree limb in a peaceful park when I felt a disturbance. Looking down I spied a girl, reading a book. I tried peering into her mind, but had to stop because it hurt too much; there was so much going on in there. But in the chaos I felt a paradoxical peace in her. I was so surprised I nearly fell out of the tree. The girl looked around calmly, & kept reading.
Hm. This was most troubling indeed. I never like to be puzzled. I’d have to do some investigation, find out what makes this girl tick. Lowering myself from the tree as quietly as possible, I toppled with an elephant thud. The girl started.
“Oh, hello!” she said with a pleasant smile. I forced a painful grimace, looking her in the eyes. I could tell she sensed I wasn’t the way I appeared, but she could never guess what was coming her way.
Oh, no one could ever guess what would come to the person when I was around to see the inner clockwork.

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