I Attempted to Make J. B. Williams' Day [MSD Challenge]

I followed the Yellow Brick Link given by John Perkins, which when I followed it it lead to ficlets from ancient Jan 19th. Then I tripped over J.B. William’s diamond in the rough, Inescapable. (
Basically, it was set up about this being which I guessed to be able to pry into people’s minds and discover the true self, which sometimes led the host into possible insanity. The being tried to convince the reader to embrace its inevitable coming so it’s not as painful later on. Simply put, it gave me chills.
I added on a bit in which the being finds this girl and tries to take a peek into the mind, but can’t because there’s so much going on in her, but she’s so at ease. He (if it is a “he”) decides to do some digging, but falls out of the tree he’s in. The girl discovers him, and he senses she’s trying to figure him out. I feel there’s a ton of sequel potential here (nudging, hint hint)
The link’s here: Hope I made your day, JB Williams!

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