The world of the sailors

Lorelei stood barefoot in the shade. The midday sun shone its glaring rays through her window sill. Already the noisy bustle from the humid city was traveling in frequent waves of conversation into her rented room. “Did you hear about the trawler that hit the bottom?â€? “Oh she was goin’ after this haul of shrimp when her bow caught a rock; happened right on this bend I believe.â€? She shut the window and carefully arranged her posture atop her bed─away from the sun’s path. A bright flicker caught one toe and she angled the joint awkwardly to one side. “Why must the sun interrupt my morning stretch?â€? she muttered with disdain. Halfheartedly, she angled her foot a bit more awkwardly to avoid the traveling invader. Lorelei stood 5’10â€? tall with bright auburn hair and inquisitive, wide brown eyes. Her favorite pass time involved watching the ambling ships on the adjacent river beneath her window sill. She rented a small room in the quarter district right above a popular hangout for local sailors.

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