Cottage Cheese

I stared up at my ceiling, that looked more like cottage cheese, rather than plaster. Seeing nothing,just making videos in my head, to correspond with the noise blaring out of my mp3 player. Magnolia by “The Hush Sound” wound its way through my ears and into my head. I could feel the fizz in my nose that would bubble its way to my tear ducts. I wiped my tears away quickly, for fear one of my many siblings would barge in. My eyelids started to get sore from rubbing them against the comforter. I gave up and welcomed the fizz. It felt good to cry,as if all of the troubles in my heart and mind were working their way out through my bitter tears. “Coldplay’s” Lost! started to play and the lyrics made me clench my jaw and furrow my brow. Determination washed through me. I could do this. I would do this. Heart of Life by “John Mayer,” filled my heart with joy. I swear it was like my mp3 player could read my mind! Regardless, my music had me in the most ridiculous mood I could be in for what I was about to do.

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