Behind the Vending Machine

I glanced down the hallway and jumped right back behind the vending machine.

“Is he ever going to leave?” I whisper wondered.

Seconds later, as if he could read my mind, he disappeared.

“Phew” I sighed to myself.

I casually walked out from my special hiding place. I looked up and BAM . There he was, his face just a few sweet inches from mine.

“Erica, whatcha doing behind the soda machine?”

“I…uh… saw a penny?!” I couldn’t help but stammer in front of him.

“Oh really? ‘Cuz it kind of looked like you were hiding.” Oh darn, I’ve been caught.

“Well…uh… no! I really thought I saw a penny!” I couldn’t think of a better excuse. My 4.444 GPA brain was changed to jelly whenever I looked into his blue/green eyes.

“You know, you’re a horrible liar.” He had a point. It sucks that he looks so amazing when he he’s mad. A penny? What was I thinking? Why couldn’t I have just thought of a better excuse?

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