Surprise Guest

The boys laughed out loud at our faces as we climbed out of the limo. It was a hotel, that wasn’t the special part about it though. The courtyard in front of it was decorated with bunches of tiny lights and flowers.
“It’s so pretty!” Emily exclaimed.
“Wait until you see the inside!” Nick cried, nearly dragging Emily down the pathway in his excitement.

Gwen laughed as she and Kevin followed. Joe slipped his arm through mine. “You’re gonna love this.”
We entered the hotel and it was even more beautiful on the inside. There were decorations and lights everywhere.
Suddenly I was grabbed from behind by someone strong. I looked up in shock. “Oh my God! BRIAN !

He laughed. “What’s up, Wesley?” he smiled realeasing me.
The Jonas Brothers were laughing. “We thought you would like it.” Nick said.
“We have someone for you too, Emily.” Kevin added.

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