A Beautiful Lie

By throwing that all away, by flat out lying to me, you killed me.
Why am I still here, you ask? Simply because I want you to see what you’ve started.
Look around you, for once in your self-centered life. Look your friends in the eyes for once, as if you care.
They’re hurt... So this isn’t just ‘about me’, and I’m not trying to ‘make a scene’.

All I’m doing is trying to make you see what damage you’ve done. Not only to me, but to my friends... some of which you don’t even know. Hatred, anguish and malice could have been avoided, if that’s what you’d wanted.
I don’t know whether you’re the reason for my pain and regret… but I do know that you could have saved everyone a lot of trouble if you had actually cared about someone other than yourself for once in your life…

Outrageous? Please… even the people you call your best friends are talking about you behind your back… about your selfishiness. So, I’m doing all of them a favor in telling you what a two-faced sucubus you are…

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