“What the hell happened to her?”said the grim faced reporter to the county morgue attendant.
“Well ,”said the attendant,”it seems she was doin’ the deed with the neighbors dog while they were out of town…”
Looking down at the limp broken form, the jaded wordsmith was aghast.”You tryin’ to tell me a dog did this to her?”
“Naw,”said the attendant,”the neighbors got back to town early, the whole subdivision went kinda ‘angry villager’ on her ass.Where the hell they found pitch forks and torches in the middle of the burbs I’ll never know…”
“That seems a bit harsh.”The reporter was aghast.”I mean it’s gross and sad when it happens in real life , but that stuff on the internet has to come from somewhere, right?”
The attendant looked confused for a moment , then lit up like a light bulb.”OH , it ain’t cuz she fucked a dog, hell every fifth girl in the county’s done that at least once – she was talkin’ to him when he was fuckin her- that’s what got every body so sick- that dog’s gonna be in therapy for years….”

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