The Gun fighter2

“I ever eat anything different, Cookie?” Mark growled, “And don’t you forget to sprinkle some gunpowder on them eggs.”
The cook smiled to himself and put an extra sprinkle of pepper on Marks eggs. “Any strangers in town this morning, Mark?”
“Can’t say for sure, that boy on the street sweeper don’t look like the same dude that rode it last week.”
Mark saundered back to the booth farthest from the door, hiked up his gunbelt, and sat with his back against the wall.
“Don’t worry about him Mark, that’s Jerry Marton’s son. He just graduated from high school.”
” I know Jerry” Mark said, ” He’s the one that puts wheels on wagons, right?”
“Yeah, Mark he works for Discount Tires.”
A customer motioned the cook over and whispered something. The cook laughed and said “Naw,don’t worry he’s our unofficial sheriff.” the man glanced at Mark finished his coffee, dropped a bill on the counter and hurried out.
“I note some scally-wags been writin dirty words on fences” Mark said.

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