Of course with me being a lumberjack and Tim being a musician, we went our separate ways each day for the job. I don’t know which one of us have it harder. I have a heavy-duty job. He has…well he has to drive to the next town, and take the train into the city where the studio was. We both get up before dawn breaks. Off-days and weekends were the most precious times that we spent together.

Because of our separation during the day,we promised to always come back into each other’s arms each night. We promised that we would never leave one another waking up alone the next day.

One day, I woke up alone. The alarm clock rang and I got up, expecting to find dear Tim right beside me. Instead there was only myself. I waited the entire morning, then the entire day for him. The boss said that maybe I should take the day off. Tim was dead.

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