Birdlady pre.2

The dogs, of course, didn’t give a damn.
Micah was looking for a pencil to write down the address of the optical shop, but not being able to find her glasses, she tried on Henry’s horned rimmed glasses.
Whoa, she thought, I can see now. The print being being about a half inch tall.
Micah walked around the house looking at things thru Henrys glasses. The cats and dogs looked a little strange, it was hard to tell one from the other, they were wavy and tall.
The test, she decided, was whether or not she could watch TV. She plomped down on her recliner, scooped up the remote and….. nothing? She pressed the button several times, then went to the TV and tried it there.
She plomped back in her recliner, tears welling up in her eyes, then noticed her image in the TV reflection. She stuck out her tongue, then waggled her ears and laughed at herself. That was the night that Puss whispered in her ear that she was going to have kittens. Micah sat up in bed and clapped her

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