50 Doors

I examined my thoughts. Why would I not know who I am? My head did not hurt. There were no bumps. I had not hit my head. As I continued to come to full consciousness, I wondered how I could have enough sense to realize that I was lying awkwardly on a cold hard surface without knowing myself. In an instant, I realized that I knew many things and yet nothing at all at the same time. The questions raced through my mind almost faster than I could grasp them.

What had happened? Am I hurt? Who Am I? What is my name? What is my favorite color? Do I sleep walk? What color are my eyes? What time is it? Where am I and how did I get here? Why am I not panicking? Why do I not remember?

Oddly enough, I did not panic in those first few moments of self-awareness. I simply sat up and opened my eyes. Then, I almost panicked, when I realized that it was pitch back. Not a smidgen of light existed. I thought “am I blind? I am not blind. At least I do not think I am.”

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