50 Doors

No, I did not think I was blind. I reached into my jacket pocket, pulled out a slender, rubberized, tube that felt like it belonged in my hand. I pushed a small button that protruded near one end of the tube. Light came into existence in my new world courtesy of the pen light that I held in my hand. I had no prior memory of light, yet at the same time had knowledge of its existence, qualities, and effects.

I barely spared the time to stop and wonder how I knew to reach in to my pocket. Had I remembered that the pen-light was in my pocket?

I looked around at my surroundings. A fairly large well used bright yellow backpack lay near me. Mine? What would I find in it?

I was at the bottom of a spherically space. It seemed as if I was inside a bubble. Actually, at the bottom of a bubble. I only knew that I was at the bottom because of the feeling of gravity. To stand and walk in any direction would mean to noticeably begin slanting up the curvature of the sphere.

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