Getting into character-Seq1

Susan would have been surprised to know that the crystal bowl she routinely filled with candy would be the weapon that killed her.
Garret stood over her body, a puzzled look on his face. “No, no, you idiot, you killed her,” he said aloud.
” Not I Garret. It was you that wanted to sleep with her,” said the voice in his head. “And where did you get the blood on your hands?”
Garret, again stared at his bloody hands, then at the bloody crystal bowl. I have to call the police, he thought. “No, you fool, you have to clean up this mess. Your fingerprints are on that bowl and the doorknob.” said the voice.
Garret dropped to his knees praying he would feel a pulse. There was none. “You are not real” he whispered.

Garret had been known to delve into any character he protrayed. That was his signature, to live and breath the part.
However his last protrayal was of a serial killer, he’d read everything he could find on them, until finally he became one.

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