50 Doors

Every surface visible to me except for my own body, clothes, and backpack was mirrored. The effect of amount of reflection capacity in the sphere was to brighten the light emanating from the pen light to almost become painful to my eyes. The size of the sphere seemed vast, yet I had no direct sense of distances due to the reflected light effect. Strangely, neither I nor my backpack were reflected in the mirrored surfaces.

Surreally, I wondered if the mirrored surfaces were two-way like those in police interrogation rooms. Was someone on the other side looking in? The lack of my own reflection really spooked me. I had no memory, but I did have knowledge. The missing reflections did not jive with my knowledge. I KNEW that I should see a reflection. It made no sense that I could not see my own reflection, but the light from the pen-light that I held in my hand reflected to provide almost sun-like light within the space.

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