Dragons Are Free To Go Where They Please

“Marduke! No!” screamed Kira as he watched the scene unfold in horror. “You can’t do that!”

“Why not? We need a bigger home, a new nest!” The dragon landed down inside the cottage, smashing the table and sending chairs and other furnishings flying. It was a lot like she was settling herself into a new nest.

“Because it is stealing! And look what you’ve done! You’ve destroyed someone else’s home!”


“Yes, home! Where you live, forever, your territory, your stuff you’ve worked hard to get! Home!”

“Territory? I am a free creature, free to go as I please, now that I can fly. Free to take you anywhere. You don’t like this nest? We’ll go find another one.” She stood up and took off almost before Kira had a chance to regain his balance.

“Mardy! Fly back to the farm! Fly back to our old nest!”

Kira spent the rest of the day explaining to Marduke the severity of what she had done, and also packing, because now that she had been seen, they would try to kill her. Maybe they would find a cave in the moutains

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