Going to Jefferson

Finally. Home. Today had been such an amazing day. (Apart from getting caught behing the vending machine…) Now all I had to do was convince my overprotective mother to let me go to that party.

Deep breaths. All I have to do is say “Mom, there’s this party tomorrow night, I was invited and I really really want to go, please?” How could she say no to that?

buzz buzz buzz

Oh crap. Brenden is calling. Should I answer? Yes. I should probably like NOW , before he hangs up…

“Hi Erica! What are you doing right now?”
“Absolutly nothing, why?”
“I was wondering if you wanted to go for a walk.”Ahh!! He wants to take me on a walk!
“I’d love to go! I’ll meet you at Jefferson Park in 5 minutes!”
“Ok, bye!


“Mom!! I’m going to Jefferson, I’ll be back before 7!”
“Alright honey! Who are you going with?”
“Lisa and Megan!”
“Okay, tell them I said hello.”

Thank God my mom trusted me so much. But going to the park is one thing, a party, now that’s another.

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