Late that night, I took my invisible “working” form, and soared off into the chilled air. I work at night, so as to catch my “clients” as off guard as possible.
It wasn’t long before I found the girl in peaceful slumber. Well, not peaceful for much longer.
Taking a deep breath, I swooped into her forehead, the gateway to a mind. I was stunned by what I saw. Instead of usual bookshelf-abstracts, open for the browsing, miniature people, some realistic and some stick, bustling busily around, shuttling from one part of the mind to another. Carts labled Music, Memories, People, Places, and so forth heading in every direction. It looked like Wall Street. If this is her mind at rest, what must it look like fully awake? I wondered.
“Can I help you?” a voice asked me. I started. A small person gazing up at me from a puny desk.
I stuttered. “Uh, I was just looking around…”
The person laughed. “Who’d come in the middle of a night like this?”
An unseen grin curled my lips. Only one like myself, I answered.

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