A New Nest

The journey to the mountains would have taken days on foot, but all too soon the snowy tops were right before the two escapees.

“Look for a cave!” Kira yelled into the wind.

They circled the snowy caps until Kira thought he was frozen to Mardy’s shoulders. His fingers were numb and blueish, but he couldn’t let go. She wasn’t always conscious of her rider every second of the flight. Kira had thought ahead and was wearing his heaviest coat and boots, but the farmland never got as cold as this!

When she spotted one, she dove and it was all Kira could do to lay almost flat against her back and lock his legs and feet tightly around her neck.

The cave was big enough that Mardy could stand inside, but tapered down to a small alcove where Kira could lay out of the wind.

He clumsily unrolled his bedding on the floor and asked Mardy to lay as close as possible. She was beginning to produce her own inner warmth, the makings of her fire breath, and so the small space in the back of the cave soon became comfortable.

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