The Rebellion Begins.

“I swear if at least one of these rogues are not captured soon i will have you all drawn and quartered.”
“Sir we don’t know the area they are highlanders, we were sailors.”
“No more excuses.”
Esbin thought to himself, “I advised the king against disbanding the dragoons. Especially Sir Perceval, that knight will be the death of us all.”
“Sir, another tax shipment was seized and fifteen men killed.”
Esbin stormed around the room, until his collar started to feel more like a hangman’s noose than dress apparel.
“This is what we are going to do, send them a bribe, make them an offer to hire them to protect us from them.”
“Sir who will ride out to offer this bribe.”
“What about you?”
“Just kill me now sir, i am an impatient fellow.”
“Ha ha, yes it is a death sentence, send the drunk tax collector.”

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