“Sir are you listening, the sheriff’s men are only ten minutes behind us. SIR , where are you goin?.”
The knight started to climb up the rock surface with an intensity that only a prospector who had just seen his first ounce of paydirt, could identify with.
The knight finally paused and starting screaming and cheering. then he hurled a disk that looked like a huge peice of snake skin.
“The Oracle was right!!! The dragon lives!!! No we won’t run we face em”
“My liege there are fifty men.”
Perceval answered back, “That is unfortunate, Panza because on the day a prophecy is fullfilled i had hoped to kill hundreds.”

The knight turned to the men and declared, ” Fifty men, well what will do after lunch.”
The forrest erupted in cheers as the men charged the sheriff’s posse.

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