I sat in the road and checked the clock, it was right at noon. Seth should be awake. I dialed his number, hit talk and waited.
“Hello?” answered Seth. I was wrong, he sounded groggy.
“Hey, get your stuff together, we’re leaving!” There was a pause. It seemed my news was waking him up.
“You did it!” he screeched. We’d been waiting for this day, preparing ourselves and belongings. That’s why I wasn’t bluffing when I’d told my mom I have everything I need.
“Yep. Im coming over now,” I said as I was backing out.
“Tell your dad.” I shut the phone. He needed to hurry, I was anxious to get out of this tiny town of Oiltin, OK. It was about the size of what would be an average sized neighborhood anywhere else. It didn’t take long to get over to his house. Seth came practically skipping out of his house with a huge grin and a bag slung over his shoulder. He reached over the edge of the flat bed to scratch Brig’s head before hopping into my truck.

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