Shocking Revenge

The room erupted in laughter. Jorge tried to force a smirk, but it hurt too much. He slipped into a shadowy corner of the room, when he spotted the Shands twins nearby, falling head over heels with stifled snickering.
“You see his face?” one whispered.
“Priceless!” the other replied, grotesquely imitating Jorge’s expression of gross surprise. Jorge glared at them, but suddenly had an idea. He slipped outside to the shore below.

“Hey guys.” Jorge managed a cordial smile to the twins. They nodded to him. “Thought you guys might want a sandwich. Heard you love PB-and-J, so I made one for you myself.”
“Thanks!” they exclaimed exitedly, taking the long sandwich eagerly.
Walking away, Jorge smiled to himself. In the dark, quiet corner room in which the twins had chosen to mow down, he wondered if they would notice the sandwich was glowing and buzzing.

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