Not a Lucky Man (Winner Challenge)

Doremus had caught the train just in time, now if he was lucky, he would slip under the radar of the conductor.
He was not a lucky man.
“I need to buy a one way ticket to New York,” Doremus said reluctantly handing over the money. His face stung from the sunburn, and his nails had been cut to the quick.
Doremus hadn’t been able to find a clean shirt, and was wearing a nightshirt instead. People stared.
“I smell a winner,” smiled the old woman seated across from him.
“Life is filled with sprouts and spots; raise your chances by casting lots!” A mephitic odor rose from her toothless mouth.
“I don’t follow,” Doremus scooted away from her, but she kept babbling.
“Pick ‘em right, or pick ‘em wrong, you’ll keep picking all day long!” She nodded knowingly. She knew she had piqued Doremus’ interest.
“Is it some type of lottery?”
“Decide for yourself!” She cried, opening the Emergency exit to push him to the waiting tracks.
Doremus, as I said, was not a lucky man.
But, he was a real winner.

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