Destination: Planet (prologue)

Curdled blood penetrated meters-deep over the entire surface of the planet Martians, where the Never-Ending War of All-Time (1964-1992) pitted a world against itself for the fate of itself. But it has been said that a real Martiansian never dies, and if that is true, then this fetid blood still lived!

Indeed, uncounted warriors stood knee deep in the living remains of their fallen yet helplessly immortal Martiansian brethren, all vomit wrenched from their stomachs, though many continued to retch even as they swung their swords, unable to restrain their overwrought and broken bodies.

But a war without end is a war without peace, and even constant bloodshed can be a kind of peace, to those who’ve known nothing else. So the fates brought together two warriors and breathed into them a love to equal to the virulence that so vivified their world.

And from this war-torn and sanguinary sphere burst forth a human child! He was given the name Reno Phaston, and his legendary story begins here!

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