Morning Already?

“Okay Mom!”

How the heck do I turn this thing on silent? Ah hah! I win!

I can’t tell u 2nite, mom pissed and i have 2 stay on her good side. ill call u tmrrw!

New text message from Lisa
KK nite


Is my alarm going off already? I fell asleep like 10 minutes ago!

“Erica. Up. NOW ! And turn that annoying BEEPing noise off!”

Ugh. Another boring day. No. Wait. Yesterday. Brenden! AH! I can’t wait to see him! What should I wear?!


“Erica!! Get out of bed NOW ! How many times do I have to tell you?! And PLEASE TURN THAT THING OFF !”

“Sorry! I’m up now and it’s off.”

Ok this is cute, and so is this. Cool, I have an outfit now. WHAT ?! It’s already 6:50? My bus leaves in 10 minutes! Ok throw hair in ponytail. Check. Brush teeth. Check. AHH 5 minutes! Deodorant. Check. Shoes and backpack. Check. Granola bar. Check. 3 minutes!!

“Erica! Your bus is here! RUN !”

Well I bet I look cute. No make-up, hair a mess, sprinting down the street.

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