The Tax Collector

The Tax collector was not a simple-minded man. When he was summoned from the grueling work of carting dirt up to the height of sixteen feet, he thought he was being summoned to his death. He was feeling rather angry with the fickle King, who had imprisoned and enslaved him after years of faithful service.

Instead of being directed to the courts for a trial, he was told to wash and meet with Esbin Drey.

Confused, but relieved, he approached with cautious steps. “Sir?â€?

“Ah, yes, I have an assignment for you. The sea village commoners are quite rebellious. The King finds this distasteful. So he is prepared to offer them a reprieve from this seasons’ taxes. You are to deliver this message.”

He pondered his lucky break and crazy missive. The people wouldn’t care if the King never taxed them again, they had had enough!

When he reached the coastal villages, signs of war were everywhere. He stopped in a local tavern to get the story.

The fighting had moved inland, toward the mountains, and the legendary dragon.

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