Kira and Marduke had been flying above the clouds that surrounded the mountaintops and had been practicing dives and turns. They had worked out a system of commands using pressure and touch.

Just yesterday a small band of men had found their cave.

They had shouted from below the cave entrance and gotten Kira’s attention. Once it was established they were commoners, not soldiers, they were allowed an audience with the escapees.

They told of the war on the coast, of how it was coming, of how the oracle and the witnesses had spread rumors of a dragon helping them overthrow the King. And they offered them safety and training in the foothills.

Kira and Marduke thought best when they were flying. So the next morning they thought as they stayed above the cloud cover.

“It’s our destiny to fight, Marduke. I know it is.”
“A dragon is only hatched when it is needed, Kie.” Marduke responded sagely.
“Stop doing that!”
“Talking like you’re older than me!”
“A dragon is born with the wisdom of..”

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