A willow hung low over one side of the lake, while a string of Narcissus stretched over the water, trying to see their reflection. Can’t blame them, really. If I were pretty as them, I’d strain to see myself.

The clear water sparkled in the midday sun, creating a brilliant reflection of pure light onto the willow and the petals of the Narcissus. Swans landed in the water, their whiteness amplified by the sun and the reflection. I leaned against the oak I was sitting under and enjoyed the blue sky through the leaves. Not a cloud. Just blue beauty.

Trying not to think of prior events, I breathed slowly, deeply, and enjoyed the view again. I looked around and noticed Tulips were growing around trees near me.

I smiled. For once in four years, I really smiled. A feeling of peace came through my body, relaxing my muscles. My multi-year headache vanished with no trace left, and my stomachache vanished with it. All of the things that I had to take medicine for stopped without the meds. For once, I was happy.

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