Cpl. Arthur Eisenstein: After Action Report (7)

FORM DD -619 – After Action Report
Lt. Ryan S. Healy, reporting (continued)

0315 HRS , Sgt. James “Chappyâ€? Carson alerts me of Cpl. Eisenstein’s disappearance. We wake rest of unit and conduct search for Eisenstein.

It does not take long to pick up his trail. Cpl. “Hawkeyeâ€? Pierce spots first body in long grass, the dessicated remains of a VC soldier. Other VC are found nearby, similarly drained of all blood. We collect their gear as we come across each enemy combatant.

0505 HRS , and thirty-six bodies later, we catch up to Shadow. He has just finished feeding on thirty-seventh Cong, and appears in good condition, save for puncture wound in chest which already appears to be repairing itself.

When asked how he acquired injury, Eisenstein states he took a bayonet from VC. No such weapon was found among dead. I notice that Chappy’s cedar stake is missing from his gear belt, and he is unable to account for its loss. Shadow, however, reiterates that his injury was inflicted by, “Charlie, not Chappy.â€?

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