School is in.

“Hey Mardy look what i got!”
Mardy scooped the apple out of the air.
“Shouldn’t you be happy about sheep, instead of apples?”
“I had two sheep this morning, but i love apples.”
“Why are apples so good to you.”
“They are wonderful how can you eat anything else, it is all i can do to keep from snatching a few trees out of the orchards and eating them trunk and all.”

Rang out as the dragon shot like electricity to the cave opening, and stopped just as her talons were about to lop off the head of a noble warrior who never even blinked.
“My liege i am your servant do with my neck what you will, but my head will sorely yearn for a comfortable place to sit.”
Joked Perceval.
“Who are you? If you touch mardy I’ll kill you!!” Kira shouted.
“Young Lord, if there is any neck in this cage that demands defending, it is mine.Can i offer you an apple i hear dragons love them?” Perceval threw the apple and she grabbed it at the same time the sword stopped at her throat..
“You two have alot to learn.”

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