Perceval's Offer

“Allow me to introduce myself.” Perceval slid his sword point away from Marduke’s neck and the scales made a sword-sharpening ring as the blade left them.

“Whoa! Nice armor! I’m gonna need those scales! I am the Knight Perceval! I have fought in the Holy Wars, and lived to tell the tale! And..” his tone turned down-to-earth and less pompous. “I am as much against Blue-Britches as any other land holder out there.” He pointed out of the cave. “And I’m inviting you to personally train with me, and only me, as I am the best!”

“Do you have more apples?”
“There are more important things here to think about!”
“Look, Kie, we know we’re going to fight, and we know which side we’re on, and we know we need training, and this guy just beat us with food! He could have killed us! We’re going to do it!”

Kira frowned at her, beaten at his own logic game. He was mostly frustrated with how immature he felt next to a three-month old dragon!

“We accept, Sir Perceval.” Kira said with a sigh.


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