Have You Met?

Okay, everything is going to be just fine. Why am I nervous anyway? It’s not like he changed his mind overnight! Plus Megan is right here with me in case anything goes completely wrong.

“C’mon Erica! You look great, even if he hated you he wouldn’t be able to stay away!”

“Haha thanks Megan, for everything.”

“No problem!! That’s what friends are for! So I think that you need to tell Lisa all about yesterday. Since she gets driven to school everyday…”

AHH ! There he is!

“How about you can tell Lisa, I think I’m going to go talk to someone else at the moment.”

“Wow. Okay! Well I’d tell you to enjoy your talk with Brenden, but I don’t think you are even hearing what I’m saying, you have that glossy look in your eye. I’m just going to walk away now. Bye!” And with that Megan walked away.

Was Megan saying something? Oh well…

“Erica! Hey, have you met Alex” That must be the girl thats standing next to him. The one he has his arm around?!

“Uh, no. I can’t say I have.”

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