Nick J. Loses His Cool

I realized I had to keep Justin from following Emily and Nick. So I did the first thing that popped into my head.
“So Justin,” I said,flirtatiously. “Where are you from?”
Brian, Joe and Kevin stared at me in horror. Nick and Emily were walking back in through the door.
Justin snorted.”Where are you from? A fire truck factory?”
All pretense of flirting with Justin vanished. I grabbed a cup of punch off the table and started to throw it at him. “Hold the PWOMD !”Brian cried, stopping me.
Kevin had a firm grip on Joe and Nick, they looked ready to attack him.
“I want to show you something!” Gwen cried, trying to divert the tension. She grabbed Emily and I and started walking. Kevin, Joe, and Brian followed.
Nick glared at Justin. “I’m not going to kick you out of a party you were invited to. But if you ruin this night for Wes and Emily, you will regret it.” he snarled.
Justin looked genuinely freaked out. Satisfied, Nick turned and went to catch up with us.
“Maybe the next surprise will be better.”

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