50 Doors

Simultaneously, the Unicorn stopped all movement and demonstrated her awareness of my presence. She looked directly at me with wide intelligent eyes. She was silver, sleek, and beautiful. Her tail and mane flowed in the slight breeze. Her horn was long and spiraled and was the source of her strength and magic. In that moment I truly understood that the purest good white magic was the very essence of that place.

I knew and she knew that I had a choice to make. She would not, could not escape without help and the time was short until the massive tree limb would fall. I had not the time to save her and still make it through the portal for it was closing with ever increasing speed. Assuming that I could save her that is. She looked at me and nodded her head towards the portal as if to say “go.” Almost as an afterthought she whispered in a truly intimate way directly in my mind, “Save yourself. I understand.”

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