“Come on, come in here; I can’t wait!”

Lori dragged me into a cupboard that I had not even seen and closed the door behind us. There in the dark she started to push her hand down my pants, to free up my hardening cock; her mouth covering my face with kisses. My head was spinning, I was still in the corridor just walking along hand in hand, but clearly Lori was not just at the next level; in her mind I was already inside her and now she was fighting to bring me up to speed.

“That’s right. Come on, baby, I want you inside me, now! Hurry!”

Before I had met Lori there had always been a part of me that wanted a sexually voracious lover. The thing was now that I had her there were times when it was tough to tell whether I was as much of an object to her as I felt. I know, from a male perspective it’s a terrible problem to have; I should have just shut up and enjoyed all the sex that I had always wanted, but I needed to know that what I wanted mattered as well. I could not believe I was saying it;

“No, stop.”

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