Death Sucks

Uh Hi I said nervously. I’m Parker.
He looked up. What are you doing in my appartment? he demanded.
I’m sorry. I said. I kinda floated through the wall by accident.
“Floated through the- My God!” He cried, really looking at me. “I can see right through you!”
Yeah, I know. I frowned. Look I’ve caused enough trouble…
“Hey wait, what happened?” he stood and I felt my heart (Do ghosts have hearts?) beat faster. He was ridiculously attractive.
I died. I said.
“Really?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. “I would have never guessed. How did you die?”
Wait a minute! I exclaimed. You can’t just…talk to dead people! I protested, unnerved by his nonchalance.
“Why not?”
Um…I got hit by a car. I decided to just answer his question. A freaking Buick hit me while I was crossing the street!
He looked sympathetic. “That’s harsh, was it new at least?”
Absolutely not. I rolled my eyes. At least 1962.
I sighed. (Can ghosts’ sigh?) Death Sucks.

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