Curiosity Snagged This Cat (WWoFC)

I signed in as usual, ready to delve into a spirited conversation with my friend on whatever topic popped into one of our heads. When I opened the window, a tip bubble appeared at the bottom. Something about a place to share your story with others. Well, being a writer, I was curious, but nervous. Hey, with the internet, you never know about these links! But my curiousity got the better of me. I cautiously clicked the link for this so-called Ficlets website. Ficlets? What the heck is a Ficlet?! I was skeptical to say the least.
The first thing I saw was Deep Space Disaster by someone called uselessness. I personally loved it, so I did some more poking around. Two minutes in I was snagged by a thread. Fifteen minutes later I was completely roped in.
Later that night, I was going on about this strange new happy-place to my friend now known around Ficlets as Watween. She did some poking around on my insistance. “Whoa. I think I’ve found my main source of entertainment for the summer,” was her reaction.

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