Ride with Me

Charlene rolled out from under her ‘57 Chevy. “Damn it Mark, the main seal is leaking again.” she said, brushing back her honey blonde hair with the back of her hand.

“I told you not to take it to him” Mark replied, attempting to wipe the smudge of grease from her cheek.

She shrugged him off, too angry for any intimicy ” and I paid him two hundred dollars, that son of a bitch.”

Mark picked up his helmet and straddled his Harley Davidson Softtail. “Come on, let’s ride up to Red Rocks. It’ll cool you down.”

“Right. I know the way you want to cool me down” she said as she returned the creeper to it’s place in the garage. “Is sex all you think about?”

His eyes carressed the short shorts a mans shirt tied beneath her full breasts. “Damn straight” he grinned.

She wiped her hands on a red rag “I’ll go get my helmet.”

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