Grant's Time In Hell

“Come closer, it’s time to begin,” The demon beckoned.

Grant slowly walked forward, thinking of how to get out of this one.

The demon reached out and grabbed him by the arm, pulling him down. “Trust me, you will not enjoy our time together.”

“How long will I be here?” Grant asked cautiously. He had always thought himself crafty, but this was a whole new level.

“I cannot say. Time has no meaning here. A second is as year; an eon as a blink.”

“But what if I’ve just finished?” Grant asked. “Can I go?”

The demon peeked over the back of the chair. “What are you talking about? You just got here.”

“But you just said time has no meaning here. My eon of torture was as a mere second to one as yourself.”

The grin faded from the demon’s face “Are you sure?”

“Oh yes, I feel quite punished for my sins and promise never to do it again.”

“Oh,” The demon said, “Then I guess you can go…”

Grant was released from the chair and the door opened. He spent the rest of eternity walking around Hell, seeing all he could.

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