Teenage Dictionary: Lesser-known emoticon edition

o.o – Surprise at a small level, may also mean confusion. Period may be exchanged with underscore.. Represents eyes being opened slightly wider.
2Kool4Joo: I’m going to come over, kay?
Childztar: o.o kay…

o.O – Confusion, often paired with O.o. Period can be exchanged with underscore. Represents a raised eyebrow.
2Kool4Joo: 1337 15 73|-| |30|\/|!!1!
Childztar: o.O….O.o

- _ – (without the spaces) – Frustration usually. Sometimes just complete giving up. Represents closed eyes and mouth. Underscore cannot be exchanged for period.
2Kool4Joo: But the apple ATE the pear! lolz!!!1!
Childztar: – _ – I give up.

^^ – Happiness. Can have an underscore. Represents “smiling eyes”
2Kool4Joo: I have given up stupidity and will now speak as a normal human being.
Childztar: ^^!

xD/XD – Better version of lol/lawl. Represents closed eyes and wide open laughing mouth. Can have added Ds, but cannot be used in sequence.
2Kool4Joo: xD kidding dood!
Childztar has signed out.

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