Anna Foiled By An Ill Timed Compliment

“Maybe that stuff works in dirty dancing reruns, but not here sister” trumped Mask By The Moon as the eleven year old pint-sized pugilistic pickpocketing poet slugged Ana and stole the ficlinomicon from Anna’s robe.
Anna clapped hands like Edward Elric and started to use her power when, what was left of the mechanical Mighty Joe,
clutched the sorceresses ankle and said, “Wow have you done something new with your hair?”
That was all the distraction that Mask needed, then she summoned Krulltar’s partner in crime the Turn coat double agent of awesome, Holdini. Together they Morphed into some type of power ranger meets the elephant man killing machine.
In all of the bedlam and confusion, everyone had lost sight of the deadly diva herself, but they all new who had fired the shot that brought down the menacing mangled medley of monstrous mutations.
No one But the Baroness of Bad-ass Herself Elsha Hawk
She looked at the crowd and said before bolting out the back,

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