The Record Found: 2778 AD (LoA2075OBC)

“Hey, look what I found!” PJ exclaimed, dusting off an odd square object.
“What ‘cha got there?” Lex peered over PJ’s shoulder curiously.
“I think it’s a book or something.”
“A book hasn’t been found in ages. Open it!” PJ blew fine dust off the cover and gingerly opened the dilapidated book.
Records of the Accomplishments of the League of Awesomeness- Why does that ring a bell?” PJ wondered.
Lex became indignant. “You don’t remember the LoA?! Didn’t you learn anything from that Lit class?”
“Hey, we’re not language majors, why should it matter?”
“Why should it matter?!” Lex couldn’t believe his ears. “The LoA was the best thing to happen to writing since paperbacks!” PJ’s face lit up in recognition.
“Aw yeah! Started by some THX dude, right? And there were all those people like a Perkins, and an Ana, and TheBetweenSpace; there were loads of people. And they wrote stuff about other people’s fickles, right?”
Lex shook his head. “Guess information does get through your thick head. Keep reading.”

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