The Record Read: 2778 AD

PJ read on. “LoA Forms, Sweeps Ficlets Off Feet. It’s from 2008!”
Lex turned the page. “League Formally Convenes For First Time, 7 years later.”
“They’d never met before?” PJ asked.
“It was on the Internet, stupid. People in things like that never met in person.”
“Where’d they meet?” Lex scanned the page.
“Some place called New York City. It’s been underwater for quite a while now.”
“Ah yeah.” PJ was impressed at Lex’s vast knowledge. “What else is there?”
Lex flipped a few pages. “World Mourns Death of First GAM , that’s Grand Awesome Marshall… Replaced by... ah, name’s blurry.”
“No matter. Looks like they did more than write.”
“Oh yeah, they did tons of support stuff. Remember countries used to constantly figh each other? They brought world peace by supporting everyone, regardless of past accomplishments. You wouldn’t believe all the stuff they did.” A look of realization came to Lex. “Hey, people have been looking for this thing for ages!
PJ got the drift. “Reward?”
“Oh yeah.”

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