Meanwhile, in D.C.… or: A Brief History Lesson to Straighten Things Out

Oval Office
1300 hours

“Mr. President, sir, we have a video you might like to see. Seems that that one vigilante group opposed to the League of Awesomeness, among some others, are creating a disturbance in the St. Louis area.”

“St. Louis? That was demolished years ago in the war.”

“We know, sir, but we have reason to believe that the LoA has been using it as its operations center since then.”

“Fill me in.”

“Well, sir, around 2040, the founder of the LoA, Dr. Tim, alias THX 0477 , started slipping into senility, and so appointed the hotheaded John Perkins to his position. It was a wrong move, and as Perkins slowly stripped away the values the organization once had, a separate group disbanded from it to fight its creative regime – consisting of the late BrowncoatBen, Stovohobo, Eddie-Joe Young, Mistress Elsha Hawk, among others. Keep in mind these are made-up aliases, ludicrous names.”

“Of course, Mr. Bobanafana. Continue.”

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