The Table

“He just isn’t interested in sex anymore, and I’m afraid it’s me” Shirley bemoaned.

“Honey, don’t be silly, you’re only 33, what man wouldn’t want you?”

“I don’t know what to do.”

“Honey, we went thru a rough patch too. I’ll tell you what to do; here is a little bottle of my special elixer, just pour a little into his coffee and he’ll perk right up. But don’t use too much.”

Later, Shirley talked her husband into having a cup of coffee at noon instead of his usual iced tea. When he left the table to wash up she poured a little elixer into his coffee. Oh what the hell, she thought, and poured it all in.

“Wow, this coffee is great” he said

Suddenly he stood, swept the cups from the table, threw her onto the table, stripped her to her waist and fucked her right on the table.

They say that Starbucks will never be the same.

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