The Most Amazing Surprise Of All

“Look how nice this ice sculpture is!” Gwen exclaimed, trying to find something that would clear our minds of Justin.

Kevin laughed at Gwen’s desparate attempt. “Look, Emily, whatever Justin has done to you, we had no idea, or else we never would have invited him. And, we’re really sorry about what’s happened so far tonight.”

“It’s not your fault,” I said.

“Wes, we also apologize for how rude Justin was to you.”

“Don’t worry.”

“But,” said Joe, “we do have something that just might make it up to you.”

They led us to the very back of the room, where a brand new drum set and guitar sat.

Joe announced, “These are some early Christmas presents.”

I ran to my new guitar. It was pink with blue and purple swirls, and had my name engraved on it.

Wes stared at her drums in shock.

“That’s not all,” Nick said. “We know that Christmas vacation is almost over, and Emily has to go back home soon. But, when summer comes around, we’re going back on tour. And, we’d like you to tour with us.”

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