The Devil In a Tux. (Fairy tale challenge)

The twins screamed in horror in front of the ball. They almost didn’t notice as the well groomed tuxedo clad wolf with the slicked down pampadore ominously entered the carriage.
“What, or who are you?”
“I am like your….fairy godmother of sorts.”
As he spoke to the mortified twins his tail began to creep up the leg of the wart covered belle, and around smooth silk.
“See I know you think it was your rival who did these horrible things to you. Ooooooow.” he screamed as she stomped his tail.
“Well i guess the warts aren’t everywhere.”
“Then who did this?”
“Do you know what pure is my lovelies?”
“Uh white things.”
“No it means ‘as god intended”
“Yeah so..”
“You did this to yourselves. You two were one, once, in the womb, and there is only one way for you to remove this curse. Undress…....... I mean completely.”

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